Dive hard is our new game in development, a vertical-scrolling 2D arcade game for touch screen mobile devices, in which a quite fat but talented high diver make his run to be the most famous diver in the world and history.

With the help of his mentor in the arts of the Divasutra, you'll bring our hero to perform the best dive jumps, from the highests falls, showing his bests postures learned and trained from the ancient book of Divasutra, itself!

Please, for the good sake of our divawan, consider play this alpha version of the game, tell us your impressions and propose any posture you would like to se performed in a dive.

Thank you a lot,

from the Impressive Entertainment team :)


W key or press Mouse Left to jump, change posture and/or impress water characters

Move mouse or tilt mobile device to move horizontally


  • Jump: Push jump circle at right time to perform a good jump
  • Fall: Move horizontally to pick figures and avoid obstacles. Change your posture to get the right figure every time! An remember, every 6 figures performed you get a new bonus chain.
  • Dive: It's bonus time! Spread your mojo to as much creatures as you can to boost bonus points.


Dive Hard_v0_6_0_0.apk (14 MB)